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Hatha Yoga

Our classes work as a support for the investigation of the Yoga teachings. Our practices are usually strong and intense, but can be adapted to all practitioners regardless of their age or physical condition. These classes have a clear influence of the Krishnamacharya tradition by focusing on the alignment as well as on the coordination between breath and movement and include diferente moments:

These classes are clearly influenced by the Krishnamacharya tradition through focusing not only on the alignment but also on the coordination between breath and movement. They include different moments:

  • Initial quieting moment
  • Shat karmas (purifications)
  • Ásana (physical postures)
  • Yoganidrá (relax)
  • Pránáyáma (breathing exercises)
  • Meditation

These classes are 1.30h long.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (Mysore)

Ashtanga vinyasa yoga is a hatha yoga system developed  in India by K. Patabhi Jois and his Master Krishnmacharya, and is characterized by a group of ásana sequences combined with the breath and bandhas.

We teach this method as it was taught to us by our teachers Tomas Zorzo, David Swenson, Andrés Wormull  and Manju Jois. We are particularly influenced by the way of teaching of Andres and Manju, framing the method in the vedic tradition, to which we belong.

This practice is developed individually according to the student’s conditions, therefore in the begining their duration tends to be shorter. Depending on each student’s pratice, classes can take from 1 hour to 1.45/2h, and always finish with meditation or vedic chanting. The student can come until one hour after the begining of the class and must finish in the given schedule.

Private Yoga and/or Meditation

We have private yoga and/or meditation classes available for those who look for a more personalized experience, due to a particular need or just to deepen the practice.

These classes are thought of to meet exactly what the student is looking for, with a great compromise from both sides – yours and ours.

Private Sanskrit and /or Vedic Chanting Classes
(live or Skype)

The sanskrit classes are for those who already know the alphabet and want to learn the language, so they are grammar classes.

Chanting and reciting verses in sanskrit is a well known way of focusing and quieting the mind bringing it to a very perceivable space of silence. It is said that the simple act of listening to vedic chants brings a result to the one who listens, it is a form of meditation in itself that leads to a clearer and more peaceful mind.

We can chant verses of the Veda or others within the vedic tradition.

If your are curious and want to try a class, please talk to us:

Rua Marechal Saldanha, 721, 4150-374 Porto

+351 919 022 478

+351 917 586 007

Yoga and Vedānta.

Through the years we’ve been producing and collecting a lot of study material on Yoga and Dharma. If you want to learn more please visit Dharmabindu. In this website you can also get access to the audio study of the Bhagavad Gita led by Miguel





Formação em Yoga – com Miguel Homem e professores convidados

Set 22 a Ago 24
Casa Ganapati, Porto


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